Inside the same building where the Vicus Caprarius was brought to light, it is possible to stay at the modern and comfortable Harry’s Bar Hotel or take a taste break at the refined restaurant. 

The hotel has 13 rooms and 3 dependances, with modern and functional furnishings. At the famous Harry’s Bar Trevi restaurant you can taste traditional Italian dishes, prepared with the original recipes and a refined selection of raw materials, with particular attention given to Emilian cuisine. 

Alongside the great classics, you can taste the “Modenese Tortellini pasta with cream of Parmigiano cheese”, the “Risotto rice with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena” and a wide selection of cold cuts accompanied by “Gnocco Fritto” (Fried dumplings). 

The recent renovation of the Palazzo has also provided the opportunity to obtain an important, new catering format under the Gourmè brand: pizza, salami, salads, ice-cream and all the best foods Made in Italy at a large Food Court adjacent to the Vicus Caprarius archaeological site. 

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