Gourme Food Court


The Gourme Food Court was designed by Chef Express (Cremonini Group) to satify the many needs of millions of tourists and travellers who visit the Trevi Fountain area each year.

Inside the large open space you can taste the excellences of Italian food and wine through a wide range of catering formats:

MOKÀ: All the taste of the Italian cafeteria

MOKÀ NATURE: healthy, vegan e low fat food

GOURME: Sandwiches, focaccia bread, sausages and cheeses, first courses, salad and cold dishes with food & wine match selections.

POMODORO & MOZZARELLA: Pizzas with a blend of high quality flour, buffalo mozzarella cheese and tomatoes from Puglia.

MAGNUM: A wide range of ice-creams and desserts

Today, Chef Express operates 51 service areas on the Italian motorway network and highly trafficked roads.

In 2016 Chef Express S.p.a. generated consolidated revenues of 512 million Euro, of which 81.4% deriving from concession activities (stations, airports and motorways in Italy, and onboard trains abroad).

In the concession catering sector, in addition to motorway areas, Chef Express is the leader in Italy in the railway station buffet market, with 80 outlets in 49 railway stations, and is also present in the airport catering sector with 60 outlets in 11 Italian airports.

In the onboard train catering sector, Chef Express is Europe’s leader with over 210 trains served daily in 5 European countries. Finally, in commercial catering it controls the chain of meat restaurants branded Roadhouse Restaurant, which today has 115 premises in Italy.

Archaeological Area “Vicus Caprarius – City of Water”
Vicolo del Puttarello, 25 (near Trevi Fountain) – Rome