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Everyone knows the famous Trevi Fountain, less well known is the underground passages that stretch beneath the Trevi district.

Of this intricate maze of ancient vestiges, the underground archaeological area of ​​Vicus Caprarius – the City of Water is a part: the structures of an imperial imperial domus, the castellum aquae of the Virgin Aqueduct and the evocative exhibits (including the famous face of Alessandro helios), finds discovered during the renovation of the former Cinema Trevi.

On a journey backward in time, it is possible to touch Rome’s millennial stratification and observe the archaeological evidence of the great events that characterised the city’s history, from the realisation of Aqua Virgo to the fire of Nero, from the sack of Alarico to the siege of the Goths.

Vicus Caprarius:


Families, schools, groups or individual visitors: everyone has their own route to discover the hidden treasures of the City of Water, the archaeological area underground the Trevi Fountain