Let’s reopen … safely!

Dear friends,

We have reorganized the methods access and use of the archaeological area, providing the constant sanitization of the area, the library and the ventilation system as well according to the new sanitary conditions. In short, even if in a slightly different way, the story of Vicus Caprarius is ready for another chapter.

We look forward to seeing you from 15 July 2020!


According to the rules laid down in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2020 taking into account the characteristics of the Vicus Caprarius, to ensure adequate safety for visitors and operators, the visit to the archaeological area will be organized in the following ways:

-Booking the entrances is mandatory. It has no additional costs and can be carried out from 1 July 2020 by contacting us on +39 339 7786192 (also via whatsapp).

– It will be necessary to strictly respect the booking time.

– Visitors are asked to arrive 5 minutes before their entrance to allow all the preparatory operations to the visit which are necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. It will not be possible to guarantee access to the archaeological area for those who arrive late.

– At the entrance the body temperature will be detected. Access will not be allowed in case of body temperature above 37.5 ° C.

– The number of visitors will be quoted and divided by time slots. In order to guarantee the correct sanitization of the route the maximum time spent in the area will be 40 minutes.

– Visitors must wear a mask for the whole time inside the structure.

– Children under the age of 6 must follow the whole visit together with an adult (sharing routes and stops).

– Please keep the interpersonal distance within the structure.

– To ensure compliance with all hygiene precautions, the cloakroom service is not active. All visitors are invited not to introduce helmets, travel bags, large bags, bulky or potentially dangerous items for works inside.

– The provisions are valid for all visitors, individuals and groups.

-Guides and group leader (max 11 pax + guide) will be able to comment the visit of the area only if all those present are part of the same group (so as not to affect how others visit) and that all the above provisions are listed and respected (distances and times). The use of whisper equipment is mandatory for groups.